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Quecst (Quick and Easy Customer Segmentation Tool, pronounced quest بحث) is a technology at the core of a critically needed business capability – the rapid and accurate segmentation of customer behavioral and associated demographic data based on business Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). With the near universal collection of online analytics data for customers, Business-to-Consumer (B2C) companies have tremendous information about their customers but also face tremendous lag time in harvesting value from this data in the form of immediately actionable insights. Quecst addresses this pain point via a tailored interface for data upload combined with standardized backend algorithmic processes for analyzing data against specified KPIs, resulting in rapid, contextualized, and immediately actionable customer segmentation for B2C companies.

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Other Projects

APG is a tool for automatically turning your user/customer data into personas. We call this "giving faces to data". APG currently works with YouTube Analytics, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Facebook Insights, and in-house CRM data.

Give your data face

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Survey2Persona is a tool for analysis of survey data, requires no knowledge of statistics from the user, and transforms survey data into ‘personas’ for actionable insights.

Get personas for your survey data

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METRIC is a tool for measuring engagement through real interactions of customers. METRIC can help your user study setting and track your participants' engagements.

Track your users' engagements

Contact us

  • Send an email to Dr. Jim Jansen (bjansen@hbku.edu.qa) and cc Joni Salminen (joni.salminen@uwasa.fi) and Soon-gyo Jung (sjung@hbku.edu.qa)
  • In the email, please explain why do you want to use Quecst (i.e., what things you want to learn about your users/customers and towards what business goals?)
  • Also include links to your data sources (e.g., your YouTube Channel, Facebook page, or website), if available.

If you are eligible for collaboration, we will reach out to you for the next steps!


Research Tools

Name2GAN Predict a name's most likely demographics.
'GAN' comes from Gender, Age, Nationality.
GAN2Name Provide most likely names for the given demographic.
"GAN" comes from Gender, Age, Nationality.
Text2Toxicity Predict a text's toxicity
SegmentSizeEstimator Estimate the segment size based on language, country, gender, age-range, and topical interest.